TECTONICS BLOG Rev. 01-26-2023
Gregory Charles Herman, PhD   Flemington, New Jersey, USA

2023 The Structure of Earth's Mantle Plumes and Core Accretion

Below are a series of images exported from the 2023_Textured_Earth_Structure.skp computer-aided-drafting (CAD) model built using SketchUp Pro 2020 software. Mantle structures are based on Moulik and Ekstrom's (2014) whole-mantle, shear-wave velocity reference model including global coverage of shear-wave velocity values at 13 different levels between 100 km and 2890 km depths (Herman, 2022). I'm studying plate drift , the structural form of mantle plumes and cold, dense, material bodies that mantle the liquid outer core. I'm hypothetically calling the process of gradual material accretion onto the outer core as core plating. email me at gcherman56@yahoo.com.


Moulik, P., and Ekstrom, G., 2014, An anisotropic shear velocity model of the Earth’s mantle using
normal modes, body waves, surface waves and long-period waveforms: Geophysical Journal
International, vol. 199, p. 1713–1738; GJI Seismology, DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggu356.

Hemisphere Profiles * Mantle 35% Slowest Svel  * Mantle 35% Svel Fastest   

Core Anchor Structures and Pipes * Fastest Svel Asthenosphere structures

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Figure 4

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Core pipes

Mantle plumes and core pipes