Raritan Valley Community College
Spring 2021 ENVI-201 Environmental Science Applications

Mondays 1:00 - 2:50 pm   F2F -Face to face in Science Center Lab SC-219
Professors Emilie Stander (email) and Gregory Herman (email)   *  Syllabus

Group A:
Ciufo, Soto, Leach, Ramsby, Reyes, Goodbar, Spann, Funkhouser, Selander
Group B:
Lacey, Sullivan, Henrys, Mazewski, Anthony, O’Reilly, Majorossy, Zaboski, Geary, Stettler
Week  Date Type Content                                                                          Feb 10, 2021



Stander - Class introduction, discussion of service projects, and
Herman - Bits & Bytes, Geographic Information Science (GIS) computer basics


2/1 Virtual

 Stander - Introduction to Career Services, Guest lecture: Bazar/Hermo-Weaver,
and writing a project proposal


2/8 Group A F2F
Group B Virtual

 Group B F2F
Group A Virtual


F2F Herman - Google Earth ( GE)  GE Instructions (MSPowerPoint). MS Excel Data File

Stander - Flint Michigan water-pollution (FMWP) discussion; Service project proposal brainstorming session


Part 1. RVCC GE Geology Includes LiDAR Hillshaded imagery.
Part 2.
Two-part exercise using Microsoft PowerPoint (MSPP) and Google Earth (GE) to generate land-surface profile traces. This link provides additional instructions and a worked example (pages 8 and 9).



5 2/22 Virtual Stander - FMWP discussion; proposal work session; project update
6 3/1 Virtual Stander - Career guest lecture 1; proposal work session; project update
7 3/8   Spring break
8 3/15 Group A F2F
Group B Virtual

Group B F2F
Group A Virtual
F2F Herman - Campus geology hike and landfill inspection

Stander - Flint water discussion; summary of winning proposals and
    project group selection; project group meetings to assign roles and
    chart out tasks
Group A F2F
Group B Virtual

Group B F2F Group  Virtual

 F2F Herman – RVCC Digital Elevation Models using QGIS (One exercise)
Stander - Career guest lecture 2; group meetings and updates


Use QGIS software to manage and process Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) into
hill-shaded LiDAR imagery. 
Download and open these files and save them into
a new project folder:
1) RVCC_ENVI-201_GCH_L3_ENVI_APPS2.pdf (3.4 MB) - Instructions
) 2020_RVCC_DEM_files.zip (149 MB) - QGIS project files


12 4/12 Virtual Stander - Intern panel and follow up
13 4/19 Group A F2F
Group B Virtual

Group B F2F
Group A Virtual
F2F Herman - RVCC GIS Campus characterization and
      3D SketchUp CAD modeling (Two exercises)
Stander - FMWP discussion and project reviews

Instructions for the GIS/CAD exercises: RVCC_ENVI-201_GCH_L4_ENVI_APPS3.pdf
14 4/27
15 5/3 Virtual FMWP Group presentations; course wrap up