Geological Society of America Planetary Geology Sessions

2008 Planetary Pummeling: Cataclysmic Bombardment of the Solar System as Catastrophe, Catalyst, Cauldron, and Crucible, Houston
2007 Geophysics of the Terrestrial Planets: The G.K. Gilbert Award Session, Denver
2006 Asteroids, Meteorites and the Early History of the Solar System, Philadelphia
2006 Impact Craters: Structures, Drilling, Ages, and Geophysics (Posters), Philadelphia
2006 Planetary Geology: Brother Mars, Sister Venus, Philadelphia
2006 Terrestrial Impact Breccias, Philadelphia
2005 A Solar System Tour, Salt Lake City
2004 Planetary Geology, Denver
2004 Planetary Geology (Posters), Denver
Impact Geology I, Denver
Impact Geology II, Denver
2003 Expanding Extraterrestrial Geoscience Horizons: Planetary Remote Sensing, Seattle
2003 Planetary Geology/Remote Sensing/Geographic Information System, Seattle
2003 Planetary Geology (Posters), Seattle
2002 Planetary Geology (Posters), Denver
2002 Planetary Geology, Denver
2001 Planetary Geology, Boston
Planetary Geology (Posters), Boston

European Space Agency

2006 40th ESLAB First International Conference on Impact Cratering in the Solar System, Monday 8 May


2008 Post-Impact Evolution of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure: Eustasy, Passive-Aggressive Tectonism, and Impactite Compaction, Kulpecz, A.A., Miller, K., Browning, J.V., Edwards, L., Powars, D.S., Harris, A. and Feigenson,  M.D.
2006 Tertiary uplift and erosion history of the Beartooth overthrust, Montana-Wyoming, from model time-temperature paths of Apatite fission-track parameters, Omar, G., and Giegengack, R
2006 PDF file of poster session Neotectonic setting of the North American plate  in relation to the Chicxulub impact., Herman G. C.
2006 Post-Alleghenian deformation of the Shawangunk Ridge in NY and NJ, Wills , J., Bigolski, J. N., and Merguerian, C.
2006 Structural evolution of basement-involved anticlines on the western margin of Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, Banjerjee, S. and Mitra, S.
2003 Far-reaching sesimic effects of the Manicougna Impact: Evidence from the Fundy Basin, Tanner, L.H.: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs,Vol. 35, No. 6, p. 167
2001 Eocene igneous activity and related phenomena, central Appalachian Valley and Ridge: Diecchio, R., Gray, K., McDowell, R., and Dennison, J., 2001, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, V. 33, No. 2, p. 6.
2001 Geochemistry of surficial sediments near the Chesapeake Bay impact structure and the search for source rocks of the North American Tektites, Koeberl, C., Kruger, F.J., and Poag, C.W., Lunar and Planetary Science XXXII.
1988 Extension of the North American strewn tektite field, Koeberl, C., Abstracts of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, volume 19, page 623, (1988)
1982 Far-field tectonics associated with a large impact basin - Applications to Caloris on Mercury and Imbrium on the moon, Fleitout, L.; Thomas, P. G.: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 58, no. 1, Mar. 1982, p. 104-115

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