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3D Geometry of an Oblique Impact AutoCAD R12 Solid-object model of an oblique impact on Earth (515

 Geophysical Earth in Geographic Space with Google Earth KMZ file 11/07/2007ww

  ITECTS_EARTH.kmz (1KB) Google Earth Implementation of PLATES 1-4 below
GEOGRAPHIC DECIMAL DEGREES SCALE 1:150,000,000 Click on any image.

 World physiographic, known and suspected impacts Google Earh KMZ physiography and impacts

PLATE 1. World physiography (USGS), tectonic plate boundaries  (ESRI) with known (174 red)
suspected (583 Classes 1-4 blue)
impacts sites
Vertical component of crustal plate motion, and known and suspected impacts    Google Earth TIN vertical component of crustal plate motion
PLATE 2. World physiography, tectonic plate boundaries, and vertical component
of crustal plate motion (
NASA) with known and suspected impacts sites

PLATE 4. The vertical (Z) component of crustal plate-velocity based on 778 GPS stations by NASA
JPL (1989 to 2005). Triangulated integrated network (TIN) based on  stations on earth's surface.
Green stations have positive, rising motions and blue, sinking respectively. Paleo-reconstruction poles
at high northern latitudes from Klitgord and Schouten (1986)
NASA World Crustal Age posterWorld crustal age and World Geology KMZ
PLATE 3. NOAA World Ocean Age and Continetal geology by Era. Rev 05/2017