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Yellowstone-Farallon Plate
2019-07_GCH_Yellowstone Hot Spot and Farallon Plate SketchUp and Google Earth interpretation
2018 KMZ USGS Geology for parts of six States using 34 Stratigraphic Units
HCHS artifact places
2018 Indian-artifact photos and places represented in Hunterdon County (NJ) Historical Society collections

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image icon 2019 Gaddis Run argillite Quarries and Jurassic Byram sill (533 KB KMZ)
image icon 2019_Cushetunk Mountain, NJ_Aerial Imagery
image icon 2018 Indian-artifact places and photos from Upper Argillite Alley (NJ-Pa) held in local collections (74 KB)
image icon 2018 Indian-artifact photos and places represented in Hunterdon County (NJ) Historical Society collections (24 KB)
image icon 2016 GCH Peru Nazca Lines.kmz (13.0 MB)


image icon 2018 Global Mask White (802 KB) Works in Google Earth, Google Mars, etc.(image shows ~50% opacity)
image icon 2018-12 GCH Earth Tectonics Illustrated.kmz (514 KB) Work in progress shown with a global white mask st at ~ 35%.
2016 GCH Ocean currents.kmz
(37 KB)
2015 NASA-JPL GPS Crustal Horizontal-motion vectors.kmz

2015 NJGWS GANJ USA CAMP elements.kmz
image icon 2015 GCH Earth's magnetosphere aspects.kmz (6.8 MB)
2015 GCH Fukushima-Daiichi aspects.kmz
2014 EMAG2 Earth Magnetic Anomaly Grid.kmz
2014-03 IT Earth continental geology by era.kmz

2009 Global Gravity Anomalies kmz (Sandwell and Smith, JGR v. 114)
2009 GCH DSDP and ODP Places.kmz
2008 ETOPO1 Earth surface physiography.kmz
2008 GPS Horizontal vectors of crustal-plate motion.kmz
2003 Bird Tectonic plates.kmz (192 KB)
1997 Muller etal Seafloor Age.kmz

Earthquakes and Focal Mechanisms

image icon 2016 USA Central Virginia Seismicity and 4D Focal-Mechanisms.kmz (357 KB)
2015-03 NEIC USGS Earthquakes.kmz
2014 NY Recess Sykes earthquakes by depth km.kmz
(4 KB)
TCNJ LAB6 GE New Jersey - New York Earthquakes.kmz

Fractured-Bedrock Hydrogeology, Wellfields, and Quarries

image icon 2017-01-10 NAWC Robinson-Slater 3D Radial Wellfield.kmz (291 KB)
2016 NJGWS GANJ Prospect Park Trap-Rock Quarry 3D.kmz
2015 NJGWS GANJ 2015 EC Glen Gardner quarry 3D.kmz
(2.9 MB)
2015 NJGWS-PGS Ft Indiantown Gap Pa 3D well.kmz
2014 NJGWS Elizabeth 2-3D wells.kmz
2014 NJGWS Washington MUA 5-3D wells.kmz (280 KB)

Impact Tectonics

image icon 2016-03 GCH Earth Impact Tectonics.kmz (13.2 MB)
2016-03 GCH Chicxulub fracture model.kmz
2015-01 GCH Impact Tectonics.kmz
2015 Chesapeake Invader Virginia USA.kmz
2015 Chicxulub and Chesapeake impacts.kmz
2015 Earth Impact Crater database.kmz

New Jersey

image icon 2018 US Geological Survey 7-1/2' monochromatic topographic quadrangles clipped to neatlines
2016 NJ LiDAR SW Highlands and North Hunterdon Plateau.kmz (1 KB)
2016 NJ LiDAR SW Highlands and North Hunterdon Plateau hillshade.kml

2015 NJGWS Glacial sediment in Northern New Jersey greater than 50-ft thick ( image icon  KMZ 493 KB)
2015 NJGWS Bulletin77 Wells.kmz
2014 USGS NJ 100K Bedrock geology polygons.kmz
2014 NJGWS Hunterdon-Mercer LiDAR geology.kmz

2014 NJGWS LiDAR 2 tiles Warren to Somerset.kmz
2014 NJGWS NJ Somerset NE NJ LiDAR geology.kmz

2014 NJGWS LiDAR Lumberville.kmz (274 KB)

2012 GANJ New Jersey Earthcaches.kmz
2000 New Jersey Municipal neatlines.kmz
1986 New Jersey Quadrangle neatlines.kmz

New York Recess

image icon 2016-03 GCH NJGWS NY Recess Bedrock Structures.kmz (1.6 MB)
image icon 2015 GANJ NY Recess USGS geology.kmz (31.1 MB)
image icon 2015 GCH Sykes and ISC 34 Focal Mechanism P-axes NAP-Mid-Atlantic Margin 50km.kmz (169 KB)

2015 GANJ NYC Queens Tunnel No. 3 3D.kmz (48 KB)
2015 TCNJ PHY120 LABS6-7 KEY.kmz (390 KB)
2015 NJGWS Newark Basin.kmz

2014 NY Recess Sykes earthquakes by depth km.kmz
2014 NJGWS Pa-NJ Bedrock lineaments-faults w trap rock.kmz
2013 FCPG Green Pond Mt Region.kmz (697 KB)
2013 USGS NJ-NY-P 500K Hydrolines.kmz (310 KB)

North America

image icon 2017 Aspects of North American Quaternary Ice Sheets (35 KB)
2015 USGS USA Bedrock geology.kmz (2.8 MB)
2015 DNAG Gravity and aeromagnetic potential-field lines.kmz  (1.1 MB)

2015 NJGWS GANJ USA CAMP elements.kmz (9.2 MB)
2013 GCH US Eastern Mesozoic basins.kmz (2.5 MB)
2013 USA USGS Bedrock Geology.kmz (2.8 MB)
2013 ESRI North America rivers.kmz (101 KB)


2014 PASDA LiDAR Susquehanna 3 tiles.kmz (390 KB)
2014 NJGWS LiDAR Pa Bucks County geology.kmz (4.7 MB)
2014 NJGWS LiDAR PA East geology.kmz (12.6 MB)

2014 FPCG Cumberland Valley Pa.kmz (58 KB)
1984 GCH UConn MS Thesis.kmz (3.4 MB)


image icon (where XX is 10 to 90 dip angle in 05-degree steps).
image icon 600ftx500ftx500ft_white_grid.dae is prefaced with

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