G.C. Herman's Geoarcheology Blog

This is a repository of on-going and unpublished work stemming from field and laboratory studies conducted with colleagues over the past few years and focused on geological aspects of prehistoric human and early colonial occupation of the Mid-Atlantic margin of the Eastern United States centered on New Jersey. I use Google Earth and QGIS geographic information systems (GIS) together with the SketchUp Pro computer-aided drafting (CAD) system to portray geological aspects of sites where humans have worked Earth.  Airborne, laser-ranged topographic mapping (LiDAR) and a portable X-Ray fluorescence (pXRF) gun are also used. Published material can be found here.

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 image icon 2021-01-04 Some physical aspects of the Giza pyramids: Old-Kingdom Science and Engineering

2020-11-03 877MB mp4 Geological Society of America 14-minute Nazca-Line video  

image icon 2020-10-29  The hydrogeological and tectonic nature of the Nazca Lines

image icon GE 2020 Lambertville Sill, Hunterdon County pre-Industrial hilltop quarries; LiDAR hillshade maps, GPS tracks, and and site photos with Martin Rapp, Mark Zdepski, and Tom Albanese.

image icon 2020 Visit to Gary Fogelmann's (PA) personal collection of American Indian artifacts

image icon 2020 Cataloguing Ed Fimbel's Indian artifacts collected in the Schuylkill River, PA watershed

image icon GE 2020 Round Mountain LiDAR hill-shaded maps, site photos, and geological interpretation

Kiman GE 2019 Abbott Farm National Historic Landmark , Trenton, NJ

Fall 2016 calendar 2019 pXRF tested rocks and stone, data and documents

Fall 2016 calendar 2019 pXRF Photos of tested rocks and stone hand samples

 Fall 2016 calendar 2019 pXRF Photos of rock outcrops and settings of tested rocks and stones

Fall 2016 calendarKiman 2019 Rosenkrans Adena Mortuary Complex, Wallpack Bend, NJ, Maps and site photos

Fall 2016 calendar 2019 Flint Ridge and Buckeye Lake Museum, OH, Maps and site photos

Fall 2016 calendar 2019-08  Meadowcroft Rock Shelter, Pa., Site photos and video

Fall 2016 calendar 2019-05 Milford Bluffs, NJ Photos with Mark Zdepski, Ed Fimbel, Ben Brander, and Jacob Buxton

Fall 2016 calendar Kiman 2019-05 Stoney Ridge, Palmerton, Pa., LiDAR Hillshade Maps, site photos and field notes of J. Mark Zdepski.

PNG Kiman GE 2019 Gaddis Run argillite Quarries and Jurassic Byram sill

Fall 2016 calendar 2019-01 Bachmann House, Easton, Pa., Lenape Nation of Pa., Cultural Center artifact displays

Fall 2016 calendar PDF 2018-10 Rattlesnake Hill Iron Mines, Pa., LiDAR Hillshaded Maps and site photos

image icon PDF2018-10 Vera Cruz Jasper Pits, Pa., Maps and site photos

image icon GE 2018 Indian-artifact places and photos from local collections in Upper Argillite Alley (NJ-Pa) KMZ

image icon 2018-09 Walters Nursery, Point Pleasant, Pa., Artifact photos

image icon 2018-04 Raritan Township, NJ Municipal Building Artifact photos

PNG GE 2019-01 Cushetunk Mountain NJ Highlands 2007 Hillshaded LiDAR Maps

Fall 2016 calendar GE 2018 Cushetunk Mountain DJI Drone tiled photoimagery with Ben Brandner

Kiman GE 2018 Old Stone Cairns on Cushetunk Mountain, NJ Photos, Maps, and KMZ

Fall 2016 calendar GE 2018 Hunterdon County Historical Society Artifact Photos Cabinets  2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7

image icon 2017-12 Kingwood Township Municipal Building Artifacts from the DeRewal Site, RT. 29, NJ, Photos

image icon GE 2016-05 Nazca Lines, Peru Maps and KMZ