* 2009 World Diamond Resources (Center for Study of Civil War)
* 2009 Suspected Earth Impact Sites database (David Rajmon, compiler)
* 2009 US Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program: NEIC Earthquake Search
* 2009 NOAA ARC/IMS Intreractive Map of Ocean and Deep Sea Drilling Project (NGDC)
* 2009 Deep Sea Drilling Project Reports and Publications (
* 2009 Core Data from the Deep Sea Drilling Project (National Geographic Data Center)
* 2008 Rivers and Streams of the United States (NOAA OST/SEC GIS Map Group)
  2008 Excel 2000 Worksheet of Magnetic Polarity versus Known Impacts (93KB) 2/22/2008
2007  Geometry of an Oblique Impact   515KB
2007 Geophysical Earth in Geographic Space Google Earth KMZ file 11/07/2007
2007 Earth Continental Geology by Era and Grayshade Sea-Floor Physiography Google Earth KMZ and KML files 11/07/2007
2007 Neotectonics of the North and Central America and Western Atlantic Regions Google Earth KMZ file 11/07/2007
* 2007 Introduction to the Suspected Earth Impact Site (SEIS) database (PDF 60KB)
* 2006 SEIS on Google Earth (ver. January 11, 2006)
* 2007 North America Seamless Spatial Database (US Geological Survey )
* 2007 FAO/UNESCO Water Balance of Africa (University of Texas at Austin)
* 2007 GPS Earth Plate Motion Data (1993 - ) (Caltech, NASA JPL)
* 2007 Earth Impact Database (PSSC University of New Brunswick)
* 2006-1997 World Geologic Maps (US Geological Survey Energy Resources Program)
* 2002 Global Physiography Image - TIFF format (US Geological Survey Coastal & Marine Geology InfoBank)
* 1998 GIS data; Africa, Mexico, Volcanoes  (University of Colorado)
* 1998-1992 3 arcsecond (89-93 meter) pixel , JERS-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar spacing imagery (Japanese Earth Resources Satellite)

* 2008 Mars Global Data Sets (University of Arizona)
* 2004-1994 Mars Oribiter Camera Global Mosaic (Marlin Space Science Systems) Google Earth KMZ file 01/07/2009
* 2002 Mars Orbiter Camera, Geodesy Campaign Mosaic (Marlin Space Science Systems) Google Earth KMZ file 01/07/2009

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