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Welcome to my tectonics blog. I'm a geologist that specializes in structural geology,  groundwater flow in fractured rocks, and impact tectonics.  I am blogging about my observations and interpretations of natural phenomenon that I marvel at, wonder how it works, and seek the answers. Sometimes my interpretations differ from popular theory.

We are in a formative stage of understanding tectonic processes on terrestrial planets. At the coincident onset of the digital age and my career, we didn't have the perspectives that the recent technological bloom has afforded us. Modern computing methods and remote-sensing innovations now provide the tools to solve old problems in new ways.  But the pace of technological growth and data procurement is outpacing the rate at which our scientific paradigms evolve. A major hurdle facing modern breakthroughs in understanding hidden tectonic processes is the leap to include punctuated, extraterrestrial and catastrophic agents into tectonic theory, now guided solely by uniformitarianism. The bombardment of Earth by bolides is a periodic process  but the tectonic strains they impart are variable and subject to tectonic inheritance.

This blog benefits from the global connectivity that we have now to point out some major aspects of plate-tectonics on both Earth and Mars stemming from catastrophic events that are missing in current theory. I hope you enjoy and benefit from the content.

2022 The Vredefort astrobleme, mantle plumes, core pipes, and tectonic-plate drift The Vredefort astrobleme 
2021 Three, suspected, large-bolide impacts in the South American region with estimated ages of 16 Ma, 24 Ma, and 124 Ma.
The Three Amigos
2021 Structural traces and tectonic aspects of 13 Martian astroblemes  
Two antiipodes     
2021 Earth's mantle as an electromagnetic-field component, with implications for geomagnetic reversals
Toroid and poloid
2020-21 Impact experiments using an air pistol, steel projectile, and 60mm glass balls
Impact experiments
2021 East Australia Mid-Pleistocene impact event
Suspected East Australian strewn field
2020 Old Pacific Mayhem; Three Suspected Bolide-Impact Events of Cretaceous Age with Global Consequences 
Old Pacific mayhem
2020 The Hydrogeological and Tectonic Nature of the Nazca Lines  
Nazca Lines 
 image icon 877MB mp4 Geological Society of America 14-minute Nazca-Line video
2020 Mid-Cenozoic Tectonic Disruption of the Central Appalachians by the Chesapeake Invader
Chesapeake impact
2020 Impact Tectonics;
Beyond the Craters

2020 Return to Devil's Gate 
Alamo impact and Western USA gold fields
2019 3D SketchUp and Google Earth Model of the Yellowstone Calderas and Farallon Plate
Yellowstone-Farallon plate
2014 Google Earth Continental Geology by Era and Sea-Floor Physiography   
Continental geology by Era 
2010 2 Known and 6 Suspected Large-Bolide Impacts on Earth, with Plate Boundaries and Current Plate GPS Horizontal Velocities  Some known and suspected impacts  2007 Plate splitting impact in the Congo Basin; bedrock geology, plate motions and diamonds  
Suspected Congo Basin impact


Prince William Sound, Alaska Late Miocene impact tectonics

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