Welcome to my blogs. I'm a geologist that specializes in structural geology, groundwater flow in fractured rocks, and impact tectonics.  I blog about my observations and interpretations of natural phenomenon that I marvel at, wonder about, and try to understand. Sometimes I find answers with interpretations that differ from popular theory.

We are in a formative stage of understanding tectonic processes on terrestrial planets. At the coincident onset of the digital age and my career, we didn't have the perspectives that the recent technological bloom has afforded us. Modern computing methods and remote-sensing innovations now provide the tools to solve old problems in new ways.  But the pace of technological growth and data procurement is outpacing the rate at which our scientific paradigms evolve. A major hurdle facing modern breakthroughs in understanding hidden tectonic processes is the leap to include punctuated, extraterrestrial and catastrophic agents into tectonic theory, now guided solely by uniformitarianism. The bombardment of Earth by bolides is a periodic process but the tectonic strains they impart are variable and subject to tectonic inheritance. The tectonic blogs point out some major aspects of plate-tectonics on both Earth and Mars stemming from catastrophic events that are missing in current theory. 

Some of the blogs are archeological in nature because I also study aspects of human and Earth interactions, particularly with respect to the manner in which we have moved and molded Earth to suit our needs and how we use, manage, and spoil fresh-water resources. I hope you enjoy and benefit from the content.

 G.C. Herman, PhD Rev. 2022-10-23