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Welcome to my tectonics blog. I'm a professional geologist that has mapped and researched Appalachian terraine and its groundwater resources for over three decades.  I am blogging about my observations and interpretations of natural phenomenon that I often marvel at that may differ slightly, or sometimes profoundly from currently accepted theories.

We are in a formative stage of understanding most tectonic processes on terrestrial planets. At the coincident onset of the digital age and my career we didn't have the perspectives that the subsequent technological bloom has afforded us. Modern computing methods and remote sensing innovations now provide the tools to solve old problems in new ways.  But the pace of technological growth, innovation and data procurement is outpacing the rate at which our scientific paradigms evolve.

A major hurdle facing modern breakthroughs in understanding hidden tectonic processes is the leap to include punctuated, catastrophic agents into tectonic theory, now guided solely by uniformatarianism. This blog is my effort to exploit the unprecedented connectivity that humans are currently afforded with the global Internet to point out some major aspects of plate-tectonics on both Earth and Mars stemming from catastrophic bombardment of planetary surfaces by asteroids and comets that are missing in current plate-tectonic theory.  There will be mistakes and I could be completely wrong, but I don't think so. I hope you enjoy the content.

Gregory Charles Herman, PhD
Flemington, New Jersey, USA


Chapter 1. 2020 Impact Tectonics; beyond the Craters

Chapter 2. 2020 Mid-Cenozoic tectonic disruption of the Central Appalachians by the Chesapeake Invader

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