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2024-04-04 image icon The structure of lunar, multi-ringed astroblemes with tectonic implications for Mars and Earth

2023-10-22 image icon The Carboniferous Ordos Astrobleme (~308 Ma) and China's Hydrocarbon Basins

2023-01-26 image icon Structure of Earth's Mantle Plumes and Core Accretion

2022-12-22 image icon A 4-minute video showing the structure of Earth's Geodynamo

2022-10-11 image icon A 4-minute video showing Earth magnetic field and mantle plumes.
(Here's a musical version)

2022-05-19 image icon Passive drift, wrinkling crust, and cracking plutons of the New York Recess, USA

2022-05-19 image icon Aspects of a Nasca Hillside Ceremony Site used for 'Moche Toss'

2022-05-12 image icon The Vredefort astrobleme, mantle plumes, core pipes, and tectonic-plate drift

2021-07-26 image icon Impact experiments using and an air pistol, steel projectile, and 60mm glass balls

2021-10-10 image icon Earth's mantle as an electromagnetic-field component, with implications for geomagnetic reversals

2021-06-24 image icon One bad period on Earth about 800,000 B.P.

2021-02-09 image icon Return to Devil's Gate

2021-01-16 image icon Some physical aspects of the Giza pyramids: Old-Kingdom Science and Engineering

2020-11-03 image icon 877MB mp4 Geological Society of America 14-minute Nazca-Line video 

2020-10-29 image icon The hydrogeological and tectonic nature of the Nazca Lines

2020-07-12 image icon Old Pacific mayhem; three suspected bolide-impact events of Cretaceous age with global consequences

2020-02-12 image icon Impact Tectonics; beyond the Craters

2019-09-11 image icon A 3D SketchUp and Google Earth Model of The Yellowstone Calderas and Farallon Plate

2014-03-05 image icon Earth Continental Geology by Era and Sea-Floor physiography for Google Earth

2010-07-29 image icon Far-Field Bolide-Impact Strains on Earth

2008-08-25 image icon 2 Known and 6 Suspected Large-Bolide Impacts on Earth and Tectonic-Plate Drift

2007-11-05 image icon Plate splitting impact in the Congo Basin, bedrock geology, plate motions, and diamonds