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Punctuated Tectonic Equilibrium  Cover   

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2023 Structure of Earth's mantle plumes and core accretion
Vredefort impact
2022 The Vredefort astrobleme, mantle plumes, core pipes, and plate drift

Khufu construction machine
2020 Some physical aspects of the Giza pyramids: Old-Kingdom Science and Engineering
Nazca Lines2020 The Hydrogeological and Tectonic Nature of the Nazca Lines
A Nasca sporting complex
2022 Aspects of a Nasca Hillside Ceremony Site used for 'Moche Toss'
Continental geology by Era
2014 Google Earth Continental Geology by Era and Sea-Floor Physiography   

2021 Zoom talk
2021 Stone mounds
atop Cushetunk Mountain

   Clovis point
2021 Paleo-Indian Clovis point GH1 from along the Susquehanna River North Branch
Toroid and poloid
2021 Earth's mantle as an electromagnetic-field component, with implications for geomagnetic reversals
Suspected Australian impact strewn field
2021 One bad period
on Earth about 800,000 B.P.

2020 Impact Tectonics;
Beyond the Craters
Alamo impact and Western USA gold fields
   2020 Return to Devil's Gate 
SketchUp Pro Earth model

Earth's_mantle_plumes_and _magnetic_field.mp4 or the
musical version
Yellowstone-Farallon plate
2019 3D SketchUp and
Google Earth Model of the Yellowstone Calderas and Farallon Plate
Suspected Congo Basin impact
2007 Plate splitting impact in the Congo Basin; bedrock geology, plate motions and diamonds 

Some known and suspected impacts
2010 2 Known and 6 Suspected Large-Bolide Impacts on Earth, with Plate Boundaries and Current Plate GPS Horizontal Velocities