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This website supports a working hypothesis that large asteroid and comet impacts on Earth significantly contribute to plate tectonics. This viewpoint is currently not accepted in most professional planetary geological forums. The concepts are new and the topic controversial.  It's a work in progress, and the Internet is awesome, so judge for yourselves....

Tectonics Blog: 

2020-07-12 Old Pacific mayhem; three suspected bolide-impact events of Cretaceous age with global consequencess

2020-02-15 Mid-Cenozoic tectonic disruption of the Central Appalachians by the Chesapeake Invader

2020-02-12 Impact Tectonics; beyond the Craters

Chicxulub model     SKetchUp Models   Naza ~24 Mya impact crater

PODCAST: Plate Tectonic Actualism; Far-field Lithospheric Strains from Large-bolide Impacts:
RVCC Science Seminar 02-11-2019

IT animation

G.C. Herman 2020-02-16