Gregory Charles Herman, PhD    1/12/2021
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New tectonics blog entry: Return to Devil's Gate and the Alamo Astrobleme


Who Gnows? Season 2 Episode 1 Apple Podcast by Matthew Smith
What can a structural geologist teach us about the formation of mountains, Nasca lines, and lost Raritan & Ethiopian ruins in New Jersey?  Recorded November 9 2020.

Geological explanation of the Nasca Lines, Peru RVCC Science-Seminar Series
The unique tectonic setting of this site in the Andes Mountain chain is depicted virtually using Google Earth to show how the geologic strata are naturally arranged to funnel, store, and discharge surface and shallow ground water into springs that were discovered, then augmented to supply desert fields with the precious water needed to sustain a growing, prehistoric culture. The complex patchwork of features is shown to be systematic with respect to water running downhill, and their relative time of formation and utility will be discussed in light of applying historical geological principles to solve the Nasca-line riddle.  Recorded February 24, 2020.

Plate Tectonic Actualism; Far-field Lithospheric Strains from Large-bolide Impacts  RVCC Science-Seminar Series. Recorded February 11, 2019


2020-11-03 image icon Geological Society of America 14-min.Nazca-Line mp4 video  877MB

2020-10-29 image icon The hydrogeological and tectonic nature of the Nazca Lines

2020-07-12 Old Pacific mayhem; three suspected bolide-impact events of Cretaceous age with global consequences

2020-02-15 Mid-Cenozoic tectonic disruption of the Central Appalachians by the Chesapeake Invader

2020-02-12 Impact Tectonics; beyond the Craters

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2014 Earth Continental Geology by Era and Grayshade Sea-Floor Physiography

2010 Far-field Bolide-Impact Strains on Earth                              

2007 Plate-splitting impact in the Congo Basin

2007 North American Plate, Mid-Atlantic inversion and the Chesapeake Invader

2007 Neotectonics of the North and Central America and West Central Atlantic Regions 

GOOGLE EARTH FILES KMZ files                                                       

image icon 2016-03 GCH Earth Impact Tectonics with Chicxulub crustal-fracture model

2015 Chesapeake Invader Virginia USA

2015 Chicxulub and Chesapeake impacts

2015 Earth Impact Crater database

2007 Geophysical Earth in Geographic Space


2008 Excel Worksheet with Magnetic Polarity Timescale and Impact Crater Diameter

AutoCAD R12 Solid-object model of an oblique impact on Earth AUTOCAD MODELS

 3D Geometry of Overlapped, Far-Field Impact Strains

 3D Geometry of an Oblique Impact 

SketchUP file SketchUp Pro Models

A 3D SketchUP Model of the Yellowstone Caldera and Farallon Plate

Imagery Earth imagery  GE files Google Earth  MS Excel
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